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Audio/Visual Systems

Professional And Reliable AV Presentation Systems

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Your business’ success relies on your performance. Whether you are presenting to customers or training staff, having an AV presentation system that works is paramount to enhancing your company’s capabilities. All State Communications has the professional experience you need to create an AV presentation system for your small office environment or a large complex communication system for your hospital, school, hotel or corporate stage. Our AV presentation systems are built to your needs, so you have the functionality necessary to present your message to your audience without disturbance or interruption. Our AV presentations systems offer you:

Meets all National Electric Codes
Compliance with state and local requirements
Technicians that are NICET audio system and Bose certified
The latest AV technology
Service you can trust and rely on
Developed relationships with head-end companies Dukane and Bogen
Top brands such as Bose, Bogen, Atlas Soundolier, Quan, Fourjay and Valcom

Custom Designed Paging And Sound Masking Systems

With our custom designed paging systems, you can have the communications system you need to reach all necessary personnel on-site. Our paging systems offer clear and audible paging that is ideal for your office, manufacturing plant, warehouse operations or outdoor environment. Add a sound masking system to keep your conversations with employees, clients or patients safe and private. The team at All State Communications can personalize a paging and sound masking system specifically for your business to give you the communication access you are seeking. Our paging and sound masking systems include:

Experience with simple to complex system installations
Capabilities for 70 and 25 V phase paging
Fully trained and certified technicians
Custom tailored paging systems unique to your business needs
Options for zoned systems, talkback applications and sound masking
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Simple To Complex CATV Distribution Installation

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When you need a complete CATV distribution installed, All State Communications can ensure it is designed to suit your business requirements. We integrate a complete head-end system for your entire network, giving you more capabilities and functionality. We can tailor a full CATV system to your organization’s size and prerequisites, allowing for access in multiple areas within your facility or one drop point designated by you. Our CATV systems provide:

Basic television drops to complex CATV systems
Full head ends with a satellite or cable feed
CATV system using filters, processors, modulators, amplifiers and combiner
Multiple line drops throughout your facility
Complete system balancing quarterly or monthly as needed