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Security/Video Systems

All State Communications Is Your Trusted Source For Business Security Systems

At All State Communications, we know that protecting your business assets is a priority. Whether it’s keeping your employees and customers safe or your physical property, we have the experience and technology to ensure you are safeguarded against theft, break-ins and threats to your company. Our security systems provide you peace of mind as a business owner and keep everyone who comes in contact with your company safe.

We use advanced technologies to provide a security system that is tailored specifically for your needs and operations. We offer video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection systems that keep your business safe inside and out. Our expertly trained security professionals provide an analysis of your business and detect the areas where you are prone to threats. By identifying these key areas that need additional security, we are able to develop a fully-integrated platform or individual security product that will fit your security requirements exactly as you need them.

Your business may need video surveillance to keep an eye on your property and valuable equipment. We offer remote access to these video systems that allows you to be in control of your property whether you are able to be there physically or not. Keep track of your employees with our access control systems that are designed to manage staff whereabouts and only provide access to secure areas for those who need it. This provides serious protection against exposing confidential documents to the wrong people and makes sure that your sensitive company data stays secure at all times.

The assets your business holds are not only a big part of your company, but they are the lifeblood of your business. Preventing someone from gaining access to your business is imperative to keep your investment protected. With our intrusion detection systems, we alert you when access has been breached and allow you to take immediate action to protect your business from unwanted entry.

To ensure your business’ safety, All State Communications uses the latest security technologies from top providers such as S2, Salient Systems, Avigilon, OnSSI, HID, AXIS, Sony, Keri Systems and more. We trust in the best, so you know you are getting a security system that is effective and efficient at keeping your business protected no matter what type of industry you operate in. We proudly serve government agencies, educational institutions, industrial operations and corporate offices with our state-of-the-art security systems. Count on All State Communications—the leaders in business security.