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Structured Cable Integration

For Cost-Effective Installation You Can Count On

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All State Communications uses top quality structuring cable as the core of the security system installation for your business. As the base capability behind your security technology, it allows for seamless voice, data, video and function management processing that delivers reliable and affordable service every time. By providing your business security services that you can count on like our structuring cable, All State Communications has become a name you can trust in security. Your business will benefit from structuring cable with:

Increased longevity, wear and reliability
Affordable system changes and additions now and into the future
Central source management in one area of your business
Less downtime and increased productivity
Affordable integration and cost-effective security management

A Promise to Meet and Exceed Your Security Standards

At All State Communications, we adhere to the strictest of security standards. Whether you are a federal, state or local government agency, we ensure that the requirements for security you need to follow are met with the highest degree of reliability and affordability. We utilize a team of designers, project managers and installers who are intimately trained to meet and exceed the standards of the Minnesota State Board of Electricity, Building Industry Consulting Service International, OSHA, as well as the guidelines set by our security providers. By providing you safe, efficient and affordable structuring cable integration, your business benefits from a quality installation that is guaranteed to deliver the protection your business needs to feel safe. We are committed to keeping your business, agency, organization or institution secure with advanced security systems that serve your needs.


Sales and Installation That Is Trusted

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All State Communications continues to outperform and impress with the development, design and integration of security systems that are dedicated to your business operations. We have been chosen as the certified sales and installation provider by the very best security manufacturers in the industry including Panduit, Siemon, ADC, Hubbell and Leviton. Through this certification, we are able to offer your business an extended warranty program that covers your security system installation for at least 15 years. With these guaranteed services, we are able to ensure you have the security technologies that work for your business with quality installation you can trust and the advanced security products that are specifically suited to your business needs. Allow All State Communications to be your professional partner for your business’ security needs.