Tactical Surveillance

Mobile Digital Surveillance Systems For Real-Time Visibility Of Your Business

Tactical Surveillance Side Image

All State Communications knows you can’t be everywhere at once. You need an eye on your business even when you can’t be there. With our mobile digital surveillance systems, you’ll have a real-time view of your operations 24/7. Our reliable and state-of-the-art mobile digital surveillance systems provide access to your business no matter where you are located. Through uninterrupted video feeds, you will have an inside look at all areas of your facility and property, giving you peace of mind and control at all times. Our mobile digital surveillance systems offer you access and management of:

Workplace accidents
Valdalism attacks
Intruder invasions
Property damage scenarios
Theft incidents
Amber alert situations
Hostage and takeover events
Crowd control management
Effective manpower utilization
Operation observation
Officer safety
Search and rescue operations
Terrorism high alert watches
Traffic control and analytics
Traffic spot check
Violation areas

Portable Surveillance Solutions

Technology Where You Need It Most

When your operations are temporary or need mobility, All State Communications offers portable surveillance systems to meet your worksite or event requirements. These portable surveillance solutions are designed to provide plenty of visibility while offering an easy-to-use system that is durable and flexible. Our Top Shot’s Portable Surveillance Tripod is a portable surveillance system that covers your operations with a patented wireless technology and heavy-duty engineering to withstand any demand placed upon it. It features:

Lightweight aluminum construction
Unobstructed vertical-down observation
Rapid release mounting system
Advanced patented mesh/IP-based wireless technology
Dual cantilevered pivoting arms
Universal equipment capabilities
Versatile indoor and outdoor use
Height adjustability with 13 ft. leg extensions
Portable Surveillance Solutions

Mobile Digital Aerial Surveillance

Autonomous Surveillance At Your Fingertips

When your operations dictate that you have mobile surveillance with unmanned support, count on All State Communications to provide the mobile digital aerial surveillance systems you need. Our Vehicle Mounted Top Shots TS-42 Surveillance System provides total management of your site using advanced technology solutions. We offer the performance you need to ensure your mobile surveillance is untaken with the dependability and control. This mobile digital aerial surveillance system includes:

Self-contained aerial mast system
One-person power lift operation
Truck or trailer mount
Rapid deployment options
Mobility capabilities
Up to 100 ft. customizable mast
Wireless mesh network integration
WAP compatible
Digital data storage capacities
Video analytics analysis
Up to 33x digital zoom
Thermal or infrared imaging for night operations
Remote lighting
Withstands winds up to 60 mph
Durable, lightweight aluminum construction